On Point: Derrick Wilson Blog Entry No. 2

Contributed by senior guard Derrick Wilson, "On Point" is a weekly blog series exclusive to GoMarquette.com.

June 11, 2014

Note: Senior guard Derrick Wilson of the men's basketball team will be providing fans a weekly glimpse into his life during the "offseason" all summer long on GoMarquette.com. The updates will be posted on Wednesday afternoons through July.

Hey what's up everybody, it's Derrick Wilson again to give you another update on this week's activities.

The first thing that I will like to do in this week's blog entry is welcome Travis Diener, one of the greats in Marquette men's basketball history, to our coaching staff. Adding Coach Diener on to our coaching staff only adds more knowledge and experience of great college athletes who have been successful with their careers. With that being said, Marquette might have the best coaching staff in the country if they had to compete with other coaches on the court. So welcome, Coach Diener. We are all looking forward to your arrival.

So recently the team has started taking yoga classes. I wish everybody could see the class we take. I've never heard so much moaning and groaning from young men in my life. I will say this -- yoga is not as easy as it looks. At times it hurts to be in some of the positions, but I have to admit, after you are done with all of the stretches and breathing exercises, you will feel like a million bucks. In addition to that workouts continue to be very productive and I really like the progress I'm seeing in my game as well as my teammates'.

The biggest event for our team this week is having Mr. 9th Wonder as a guest speaker. A littler background about 9th is that he is one of the best producers in the music industry and a professor at both Duke and Harvard University. For the purpose of time I'll give you the message that stood out most to me which was, "Chance favors the well prepared". Then he asked us what are we doing to be prepared for this season. Are we studying the greats from our position? Are we studying film so we can get better? Are we going above and beyond of what the coaches want us?

Those were just a few of the inspirational words he had for us. If you do not know who he is I suggest you look him up. 9th is a really good guy and very humble for man in his position. Also, I have to give him a shout out for him scoring on my eight times during our one on one match up. He also has some skills on the court as well.

I also want to thank everybody who came to reseating this past week at the Al McGuire center. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you all and appreciate all the support you give us.

Lastly, I also forgot to give you all my twitter name which is @akdwil12. So tweet me if you have any questions about how things have been going and I'll try and answer them as best as I can.

Until next time folks,

Derrick Wilson, #12




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