On Point: Derrick Wilson Blog Entry No. 5

Wilson and his teammates rely heavily on the squad of team managers.

July 16, 2014

This week I wanted to talk about some big-time contributors to our program. I also felt I owed them this because they go above-and-beyond in helping our program each and every day. So the major topic this week is the hard-working managers of our basketball team.

The basketball managers are some of the coolest guys in our program and the help they provide unfortunately goes unnoticed by most. People outside of our program never see how hard they work and how dedicated they are in helping assist our program.

What is amazing about this great group of mangers is that not once have I ever heard a manager complain about not getting enough money or benefits for how hard they work. For instance, they are usually up before everyone, they sacrifice their off days to be available to us in case we want to shoot, they also do a variety of important tasks and make sure everything is in place when we arrive. If we ever need anything they will make sure we get it. It may not seem like a lot, but our team greatly appreciates their dedication to our program. So I'd like to call them out and give a personal thank you to Steve Molina, Anthony Ball , Dan Madhavapallil, Mike Flahery and A.J. Calamia, you guys are the best managers in the country.

On another note, this week is an off week for us, which has been extremely relaxing and definitely needed. I have not been doing much this week besides getting shots up, playing open gym and doing scheduled team lifts. This week has been a different pace than most, which is good. It's always important to take a break every once in a while to give the body time to recover and time to refocus so we are able to finish out the summer strong.

I almost forgot, on Friday's and Saturday's we have pro-am summer league games at Greenfield High School. A majority of our team is playing in the league and there's some great local talent playing as well. We're all divided into separate teams, with games going on throughout the day. If you're free, I suggest you come out and watch the games. It's a great way to get your fill of #mubb during the off season.



That's all I have for you all this week. Until next time.


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