On Point: Derrick Wilson Blog Entry No. 8

Derrick Wilson had a busy summer and is ready for his senior season to begin.
Aug. 6, 2014

Hey what's up everyone?

I am sad to say that summer school ends for me this week and this will be the last blog post of the summer. On the other hand, I am extremely excited that summer is over which means school is about to start and that means basketball season is near.

Let me take you back down memory lane for a second. I can remember like it was yesterday my first summer on campus. Trying to adjust to the constant working out and playing against guys who are all on the same physical level was difficult. I went to prep school, so I was used to being on my own, but being in a new city and being the young guy on the team was a process I had to go through all over again and I have to say I enjoyed it. My summers in Milwaukee have been great for the most part, but from as a basketball standpoint this was my most productive summer yet. I've gotten up over 20,000 shots, have had multiple workout sessions enhancing my skills and also have started to eat healthier, which has resulted in me dropping a few pounds and making my body feel better. So I'm really excited to translate my offseason work on to the court.

I also have to thank all the managers, my teammates and coaches for making this summer the best in my four years here. Without them pushing me and making me better everyday I feel that I wouldn't have improved as much as did. On another note, I will miss working with the people in the communications department for Marquette Athletics and have a new-found respect for what they do up here day in and day out. Lastly, I have to recognize all the people who supported and read my blog this summer. I appreciate that.

Well that's it for me, I like Milwaukee but it's time for me to head home and see the family before school starts. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer and be safe. Peace out y'all. Until next time.

Derrick Wilson #12




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