Joe Amplo on 2017 Fall Ball

The Golden Eagles defeated Utah and Scotland in their two fall ball scrimmages.
Oct. 26, 2017

MILWAUKEE - Marquette University head men's lacrosse coach sat down with to discuss MU's two wins over Team Scotland and Utah this past weekend in Redwood City, California and the completion of fall ball. Where is the team at after the fall and the two scrimmages against Scotland and Utah?

Joe Amplo: I thought it went well. Everyone got equal playing time, we learned a lot about who we are, what we need to do to get better. It was great to play against two quality teams. Scotland is going to compete for a medal in the world championships which I think is pretty cool, they’ve done a good job there. I look at Utah, compare us to them six years ago - I think they’re ahead of where we were six years ago. So that was exciting to see where they are and compare us to them and it was fun. It was fun to be out in San Francisco. Where do you think you are right now compared to the start of the fall?

Joe Amplo: I can’t say we’re any further along in terms of our development. I think we’re further along in our identification of who we are. We’re a young lacrosse team with a lot of guys in key positions that are young. I don’t mean young as just freshman, I just mean guys who haven’t played leadership roles within the roles we need to play. They just haven’t been around and been in moments so there’s a lot to be taught and a lot to learn for these guys. What do you think this weekend did for the team?

Joe Amplo: It identified that. It gave clarification to what we thought. That we are young and that we have to really break the game down to its smallest parts to get better. That’s what this time of year is for. Are you still pretty confident in the defense with some different people in different spots?

Joe Amplo: Yeah, defensively I was pleased. There was some guys that stood out. You know, Nick Grill is who he is. I thought Noah Richard and Anthony Courcelle had a presence on the field as did Colin Riehl. We still have to develop our short stick position beyond Colin Riehl. I think that’s where we’re going to be most stressed and here’s going to be heavy competition there. Jackson Ehlert and Brendan Connolly couldn’t travel so some other guys stepped up and it gave us a chance to look at guys like P.J Cox and Kai Storrs. Alex Malitas, the list goes on. There’s competition everywhere. Offensively, we imagine it's going to be a work in progress with the losses you had to graduation?

Joe Amplo: Yeah, I think guys aren’t even in the right positions right now. You know, it’s going to be guys who played attack or maybe midfielders and vice-versa and the good thing is there’s a lot of guys who can play. There’s no superstars, which is great, its going to be a great team offensive challenge for us. 


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