MLAX Senior Reflections: Brett Hornung

April 8, 2016

The Marquette University men's lacrosse team boasts the largest senior class in all of NCAA Division I, with five fifth-year seniors included among the first 19 four-year players in program history. Members of the senior class took some time to reflect on their careers in Milwaukee and the program they helped build from the ground up.

1. What is your proudest moment as a Marquette lacrosse player?
BH: Our first program win at Air Force was one of my most proud moments. We had beat a basically top 20 team in our first season, when nobody expected us to win a game. Getting texts from old coaches and friends recognizing us, celebrating in the locker room after the game, just the whole day was special.

2. What is your most memorable experience with the team?
BH: Disney World 2015 for spring break. We spent every moment with each other for the entire trip. From practicing early in the morning at the Dick’s Sporting Goods complex to running around the different parks to swimming at the pool. It was the best all-around team experience I have ever been a part of.

3. What’s the best advice one of your coaches at MU has given you? What have they taught you?
BH: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Possibly the best piece of advice I have ever received.

4. What’s the best advice a teammate has given you?
BH: I don’t have a great answer for this, probably just to be the best person you can be and represent the lacrosse program on and off campus in the best way possible.

5. What’s the best advice you could offer future Marquette lacrosse players?
BH: You have a great team of people at Marquette that are dedicated to making your experience amazing; buy into the culture and the school. Make the most of it.

6. What has motivated you?
BH: People never giving us the credit we deserve.

7. Most memorable game? Why?
BH: Robert Morris this year. I scored my first career goal. It was a culmination of everything I have been through since I first picked up a lacrosse stick.

8. Describe how you felt during your very first practice or team activity.
BH: Tired, the first thing I ever did was a lift with Todd. It was two hours of “fun.”

9. Describe how you felt before your first game. Has that feeling changed?
BH: A bit nervous, and no, not really. I still get a little nervous, just the type of person I am.

10. It’s still in the program’s infancy, but do you feel a rivalry developing with any opponents you have played?
BH: Georgetown and Villanova.

11. How do you think you’ve changed as a player or person over your career at Marquette?
BH: I never realized how much college athletics would shape me as a person. I have strengthened my skills of time management, organization, and teamwork tremendously. I believe that I have become a better and well-rounded person because of my experience at Marquette.

12. What have you learned that you will take with you as you move on from MU?
BH: I think combing three and four. Get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to be the best person you can be. Try new things, put yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to learn and grow as a person. Our Marquette experience has given us the roots to be great people and do great things.

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