MLAX Senior Reflections: Joe Dunn

April 26, 2017

This is part of a series on the experiences of the Marquette men's lacrosse team's 2017 senior class.

Joe Dunn, a finance major, has become a valuable member of Marquette's offensive unit as a senior and leads the Golden Eagles with a team-high 17 goals through the year's first 12 games. He has scored a career-best four goals twice in 2017 against Georgetown and Duke.

1. What is the biggest thing you learned from your time at Marquette?

JD: One of the lessons that I value most from my time at Marquette has been the diversity of thought. Having the opportunity to study with so many different people from different backgrounds has afforded me the opportunity to learn about ideas from different perspectives. That in turn has helped me become more creative in problem-solving.

2. What are you most proud of accomplishing at Marquette (as a team and individually)?

JD: Without a doubt, I am most proud of the success we have had as a team. Together we have helped build the Marquette men's lacrosse program into one of the preeminent programs in the entire country. I am proud that we as a group have made Marquette University a choice destination for top lacrosse talent from around the country.  That's what defeating the number one team in the country to win the BIG EAST tournament will do for a program.

3. What advice would you give future members of the Marquette lacrosse program?

JD: Buy-in to "The Marquette Way." You must dedicate yourself to the team in every way.  When everyone puts the needs of the team ahead of the needs of the individual, great things can happen.  This has been the foundation that the program has been built on and it is the key to success. Trust the process and learn to love it.



4. Most memorable moment(s)?

JD: Beating the No. 1 team in the country and winning the BIG EAST Championship.

5. Was there anything else that made your Marquette experience special?

JD: The people.  I have made dozens of unbelievably great friends which I'm sure will last a lifetime. However, in addition to my friends, the support that myself and my team have received in my career at Marquette is unparalleled.  Marquette is a special place and the people make it what it is.  From the coaching staff, to the trainers, to academic support, to the athletic department, all the way to President Lovell; we always had the support we needed to be successful.


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