MLAX Senior Reflections: Grant Preisler

Grant Preisler has switched between attack and the midfield in his MU career.

April 30, 2017

This is part of a series on the Marquette experiences of the men's lacrosse team's 2017 senior class.

Grant Preisler, a public relations major, has played in all 13 games as a senior and started each of the last two on attack. Switching between attack and the midfield, he's registered 11 goals and three assists in his career at Marquette.

1. What is the biggest thing you learned from your time at Marquette?

GP:  The greatest thing I have learned from my time at Marquette is the ability to perform under pressure. Being a student-athlete requires the capability to juggle multiple tasks at a time including schoolwork, practice, developing healthy eating habits and sleeping well. The ability to multi-task and work under pressure is a trait that will definitely carry over into the professional world.

2. What are you most proud of accomplishing at Marquette (as a team and individually)?

GP: The proudest accomplishment of my four years at Marquette is beating the No. 1 team in the country to win the BIG EAST Championship of 2016. It was our team’s goal since the fall of 2015, and it was the highest accomplishment to finally reach our goal.

3. What advice would you give future members of the Marquette lacrosse program?

GP: My advice to future members of the Marquette lacrosse program would be to buy into the system. The work ethic, lessons and demeanor that every past member has instilled in this program are what make it so different from other programs in the country.

4. Most memorable moment?

GP: It’s hard to choose the most memorable moment of my time at Marquette. Off the field, the most memorable moment was the trip to Italy during my junior to senior year summer. Traveling through the major cities of Italy was an experience of a lifetime. It is during trips like this when you start to build tighter connections with your teammates, coaches and staff; away from outside distractions and living in the moment.



5. Was there anything else that made your Marquette experience special?

GP: The brotherhood and bond I have created with my teammates throughout my four years is what has made my Marquette experience special.


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