MLAX Senior Reflection: Jordan McKenzie

May 3, 2018

Jordan McKenzie has proved to be a critical part of the defensive unit at LSM during the 2018 campaign after missing each of his first two seasons at Marquette. The New Westminster, B.C. native has played in all 12 games this season and has nine ground balls and four caused turnovers.  

  1. What is your proudest moment as a Marquette lacrosse player? 
    Jordan McKenzie: Winning the BIG EAST Championship in 2016.
  1. What is your most memorable experience with the team?
    McKenzie: Starting 9-0 and going to Disney Word in 2015.
  1. What’s the best advice one of your coaches at MU has given you
    McKenzie: Focus in the moment, only look 200 feet in front of you.
  1. What’s the best advice a teammate has given you?
    McKenzie: Stay positive, especially when I tore my ACL.
  1. What’s the best advice you could offer future Marquette lacrosse players? What do you see in the future of this program?
    McKenzie: Trust the process, get close with each other because these are the people you'll remember and have fun.
  1. What has motivated you?
    McKenzie: My family, as I have two younger brothers that I don't want to let down, but also look up to.
  1. Most memorable game? Why?
    McKenzie: Beating Denver in the BIG EAST final, as we were down at half.
  1. Describe how you felt during your very first practice or team activity.
    McKenzie: Excited, nervous and ready to play.
  1. Describe how you felt before your first game. Has that feeling changed?
    McKenzie: Nervous, but excited. Now calm, nervous and excited.
  1. How do you think you’ve changed as a player or person over your career at Marquette?
    McKenzie: I know my role and have to do it at my best
  1. What have you learned that you will take with you as you move on from MU?
    McKenzie: Believe the process and do the best at whatever my job is.




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