Golden Eagle Q&A With Jacob Straus

Nov. 8, 2009

Milwaukee -

by Cara Corradino

During his first campaign as a Golden Eagle, freshman Jacob Straus has already made his mark on the Marquette men's tennis team. The San Antonio native currently leads the team in singles wins with 13 and has represented Marquette at an elite level of competition at the Wilson/ITA Midwest Regional. Straus recently sat down with to discuss his current struggles and successes, his future aspirations and his chronic problems with time.

What is the biggest adjustment that you have had to make since arriving at Marquette?
I'd say the biggest adjustment that I've had to make is really just scheduling my time. Making sure my homework is done, the workload has just been a lot more. So, making sure that I'm on top of my work while traveling has been an adjustment.

You are originally from Texas, have you had to make any transitions coming to Milwaukee from the south?
Obviously the weather is a little bit different, but so far nothing has been too extreme.

Fellow newcomer Otavio Perim is also from Texas. Has having a fellow Texan on the team helped with the adjustment?
Definitely. It's helpful because we were pretty good friends before we came to Marquette, so that has been good.

How has it been different having Otavio as a teammate rather than a competitor?
It's definitely been different. It's been easy though because we were always friends. It's not like we were ever rivals.

Why Marquette?
I had about five schools to choose from. It just really came down to academics. Also, coach seemed very nice to me, he seemed pretty honest. When I came and visited I had a great time, I just thought it fit well.

There are a lot of talented veterans on the team, what have you been able to learn from them that has helped you this season?
I think I've learned not to look at somebody as their title, like this guy is from Notre Dame or this guy is from wherever. It doesn't matter, anybody is beatable. They've taught me that mentality.



You've jumped out to a quick start in your time at Marquette and are currently leading the team in wins. To what do you credit your early success?
Well when I got here I played a lot more tennis than I have ever played before that, so that has definitely improved my game.

This year's group of newcomers as a whole has already been extremely successful. What can fans expect to see out of this group in the future?
I haven't really thought about the future that much. I've just really been thinking about right now. I'm just really thinking about this season.

You were teamed up with Dusan Medan, one of the winningest players in the history of Marquette tennis, in the Wilson/ITA Midwest regional and advanced to the round of 16. What was that experience like?
It was really good because we got to play the top-seeded team. I think they were like top-10 in the nation. That's good for me because I felt that we competed with them. Now any team that we play I feel confident that we will be in it. It was just a great experience to compete at that level.

We've been told that you've had some problems with time since you've been here.
One of coach's biggest pet-peeves is not being on time. I was late for head shots this year because I thought it was here at the Al, but it was actually at Johnston Hall. Coach likes us to be 5-10 minutes early, so I got to the Al 5-10 minutes early but then I got a call from one of my teammates and he was like, "Hey its over at Johnston Hall." It was one of the first weeks, so I had no idea where Johnston Hall was, so I just had to run around looking for Johnston Hall and I was like 10 minutes late for my first picture. So coach yelled at me and I had to go take my picture; it was not the best picture. So, I've learned that you have to be on time.

Wasn't there also a time where you were too on time?
Yea, that was funny. We had 6 a.m. practice the next day, so I went to sleep around 9 p.m. at night. So someone called me and my ringer is the same ringtone as my alarm, it was like 11 p.m. at night when I got the call. So I went to my phone and I was dead tired, so I didn't even look at the phone. I started getting ready for 6 a.m. and I didn't even realize what time it was. When I finally looked at my phone, I noticed I had one missed call and it was only 11:30. I thought, it was 5 a.m., basically. I was mad that it was not.

In closing what are you most looking forward to during this season?
I look forward to traveling. I know that we go to some pretty fun places. I just hope that we do well and meet our goals this year, get ranked and do well in the BIG EAST and NCAA tournament. If we just satisfy our goals, have fun and do well that's what I'm looking forward to.


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