Academic Enrichment Coach and Tutor Handbook Get Acrobat Reader

What is a Tutor?

Tutors are expected to facilitate the learning process through content-based knowledge, study strategies, time management and professionalism. Tutors are expected to fulfill all the policies and procedures required of the tutoring program. As an employee, profession conduct is expected through following the moral and ethical standards of Marquette University.

What is an Academic Enrichment Coach?

Student-athletes are faced with busy schedules consisting of classes, practices and homework. The Academic Enrichment Coach is a resource to help them organize a plan that will make the student-athlete successful in the classroom and in life. The Academic Enrichment Coach assists the student-athlete with time and stress management, study skills and test taking strategies. The Academic Enrichment Coach will also help the student-athlete in setting short and long term academic goals.

If you are interested in becoming a Tutor or Academic Enrichment Coach, please click here and log in for potential subject openings.




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