October Blue & Gold Status Status Honorees Announced

Oct. 11, 2017

Each year at Marquette University, hundreds of student-athletes compete at the highest level for their respective sport. While the majority of people will notice their on-field accomplishments, often the individuals' efforts off the field remain un-publicized.

One of the many groups at Marquette University that is dedicated to assist and honor Marquette student-athletes is the Academic Support Staff. Beginning in September and running through April, the Academic Support Staff will pick four student-athletes that consistently excelled academically, athletically and in the community.

Garrett Moya & Anthony Orsini - Men's Lacrosse

Garrett Moya and Anthony Orsini, both freshmen on the men’s lacrosse team, responded to a request made by one of their College of Business Administration instructors. The instructor asked if anyone was free on an upcoming Saturday to help an elderly family friend move from an apartment into an assisted-living center. The elderly man had a tight budget and not many able-bodied relatives who could help. Anthony and Garrett both volunteered, and spend the entire day moving the man and all of his belongings into his new home. These two student-athletes lived the message of being men for others, and displayed the Marquette value of service to others in their community.

Allazia Blockton - Women's Basketball

Allazia (Zaya) Blockton is a junior on the women’s basketball team. Zaya was chosen as the Big East representative on the national level. As the Big East representative, it is her responsibility to take the insight that she gained during then national SAAC meetings and conference calls, and pass it along to the Big East institutions. The National SAAC is a board of 32 student-athletes who come together to find ways of making the student athletes college experience better. Zaya is also a MAGIS Mentor in our MAGIS Mentor Program. She is paired up with an incoming freshmen student-athlete to help them with their transition into Marquette University, as well as being a resource and confidante to that incoming freshmen student-athlete during their first year at Marquette.

Maya Marion - Women's Track & Field



Maya Marion is a senior on the women's track and field team. Maya had two internships over the summer, one was at EXPO: Ex-Prisoners organizing in Milwaukee where she did research on topics of crimeless revocations (technical violations), and issues happening within the Milwaukee secure detention facility. She created an argumentative presentation on real life experiences versus what people really experience/d while incarcerated. She also conducted interviews, created the organization’s newsletter, and attended her first rally. Her second internship was at the Milwaukee Justice Center helping people who cannot afford representation in court to fill out their forms aiding in the process. This ranges from divorce, custody, and placement to DeNovo reviews and name changes. She continues to volunteer there during the school year, continuing her commitment to create valuable experiences for those in the criminal justice system. Maya served on the Strategic Planning Committee, representing the voice and perspective of student-athletes. She is a theology tutor in the academic center as well.


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