MU Uses MLK Day for Leadership Training

Marquette's SAAC president Rachel Stier

Jan. 30, 2014

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Rogers Center for Organizational Advancement

MILWAUKEE – Thirty-three Marquette University student-athletes used the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., holiday to build cooperative skills, develop active communication and learn leadership at the Center for Organizational Advancement of Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wis.

The group included team captains, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representatives and freshmen STAR Golden Eagles.

“This was the first Student-Athlete Leadership Day,” said Marquette learning specialist Katie Simet. “The goal was to take some of our current student-athlete leaders off campus to build their own leadership and communication skills that they can ultimately bring back to their teams and take with them in their own personal and professional lives. It was great to see student-athletes from all different years of school and from different sports laughing and working together to accomplish common goals.”

Men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s soccer and the women’s track and field and cross country teams were all represented.

“I really enjoyed the experience and was surprised waking up early on my day off of school could be worth it,” freshman women’s lacrosse player Fran Meyer said of the event. “I learned a lot about athletes from the other teams here at Marquette and learned how to come together as one group to get tasks done. As an athlete sometimes it's hard to get free time to meet new people, so I really enjoyed getting to bond with other teams who know exactly what that is like. Overall, I had an amazing experience that will help me be a better leader in my future.”

The student-athletes completed low ropes and high climbing challenges using teamwork and communication to achieve a successful end to each task.

“The Student-Athlete Leadership Day was a fun day even though it was cold and snowing,” men’s lacrosse redshirt sophomore Dan Mojica said. “I got to know other athletes by working together to complete the challenges that we had to face as a group. I learned that in any scenario you can use communication to sort out the problem.”




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