Sports Performance Program Philosophy

Sports performance is an integral part of the athletes' periodized year round training at Marquette University. The Student-Athlete Performance staff works closely with each coaching staff and sports medicine to develop a program appropriate for their sport, catering to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual athletes.

The goal of the athletic performance staff is to prepare the athletes for the physical and mental demands of their sport. Physically, an increase in strength improves durability, decreasing the risk of injury. Strength training focuses on the use of free weight multi-joint exercises. Olympic Weightlifting movements and plyometrics teach athletes explosiveness. Speed, quickness, and agility drills help to transfer the gained strength and power to the athletic arena. In addition, just as athletics places mental demands on the athletes and teams, training focuses on the development of mental toughness and team cohesiveness. Athletes are taught to train through their comfort zone and work with their teammates to achieve optimal performance.

Conditioning workouts train for the metabolic demands of the sport through the manipulation of work intervals, rest intervals, movements and distances. Sport specific conditioning tests are performed throughout the year in order to monitor changes in fitness and speed, as well, as to motivate the athletes to perform at their highest level during each workout. The sports performance programs are designed to improve strength and durability, as well as teach the body to perform explosively in athletic movements . All workouts are designed to work the entire body, focusing on quality, not quantity.

The athletic performance department is excited to participate in the development of each of the athletes' careers at Marquette and feels that sports performance is an essential component to the success of all athletes regardless of age, sport, or ability level.




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