Golden Eagles Set Tone For 2010-11 With Strong Offseason Work

Aug. 26, 2010

Milwaukee -

Marquette men’s basketball fans are well aware of how hard the team works on the court, but followers of the program aren’t exposed to the squad’s year-round effort in the weight room.

Under the guidance of head strength & conditioning coach Todd Smith, each of the players on the roster has made significant improvement since his respective arrival on campus. In mid-August, Smith and his staff evaluate the development with a performance evaluation.

“Lifting weights was just a small part of what we accomplished during the summer,” Smith said. “The players devoted the majority of their energy to become a more efficient athlete. We wanted to produce a more efficient machine with a higher tolerance for pain.

“In addition to the improvement of their performance variables, my focus was to get our team to lead each other,” Smith added. “If we can get our guys to lead each other in the weight room and learn to fight together to accomplish a task, it is more likely to occur on the court.

Smith’s philosophy focuses on a player’s overall abilities, not just how many repetitions of a certain weight a player can perform. Each student-athlete is evaluated in the following categories: vertical jump, squat, clean, bench press, chin-ups, lane agility, 25-yard dash and pro-agility.

“I’m proud of our guys and what they accomplished this summer,” Smith said. “We set the tone and intensity for the upcoming preseason.”

Current Team Leader

Vertical Jump – Darius Johnson-Odom (35 inches)
Squat – Jimmy Butler (440 lbs.)
Clean – Chris Otule (300 lbs.) – PROGRAM RECORD
Bench Press – Darius Johnson-Odom (319 lbs.)
Chin-ups – Dwight Buycks (36)
Lane Agility – Jimmy Butler (10.31 seconds)
25-yard Dash – Jimmy Butler, Reggie Smith (2.98 seconds)
Pro-Agility – Jimmy Butler (3.92 seconds)

Player Development



Vertical Jump – Junior Cadougan – 2009 (28 inches) – 2010 (31 inches)
Squat – Chris Otule – 2009 (332 lbs.) – 2010 (400 lbs.)
Clean – Chris Otule – 2009 (227 lbs.) – 2010 (300 lbs.)
Bench Press – Junior Cadougan – 2009 (207 lbs.) – 2010 (264 lbs.)
Chin-ups – Erik Williams – 2009 (14) – 2010 (32)
Lane Agility – Joe Fulce – 2009 (11.29 seconds) – 2010 (10.57 seconds)
25-yard Dash – Dwight Buycks – 2009 (3.19 seconds) – 2010 (3.08 seconds)
Pro-Agility – Erik Williams – 2009 (4.63 seconds) – 2010 (4.25 seconds)


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