Post-game Quotes

Jan. 19, 2008

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Head Coach Terri Mitchell

Opening Statement
"The BIG EAST has incredible basketball, and every game that we play is a challenge. This is our third game in a row that we are playing a ranked team. We were close with Rutgers and close with West Virginia, but we didn't close the game out. Today, what I saw was determination with our team to get it done down the stretch. They were smart and made good decisions. It was an excellent game. I was really proud defensively. Obviously DePaul can score 100 points if you let them because they are that conditioned to get up and down the court and they have excellent shooters. I was really happy that we locked them down."

On beating a ranked team in three-game stretch:
"It's not a reward, but this game to me was won by the attitude we had at practice Thursday and Friday. We played so tough at West Virginia and we came up with a loss and it is really easy to be down the next day. There is a lot of fight in this team and that is what I told them- how they approached Thursday and Friday's practice was going to feed right into today. Our practices were competitive and they really went at each other. I was very confident walking into the game, I don't know if this is a reward, but it's the hard work that we've been doing all year."

Junior Krystal Ellis

On the mentality of the team entering the game:
"Winning was the mindset coming in to the game- winning and getting better. Closing out a close game, the last two games had been close and we didn't capture it at the end. This game was that we needed to capture that chance against a ranked team."

Freshman Angel Robinson
"I think that after the other close games, everyone on the team was hungry to come and win. I think it showed on the court a lot of the times. We pulled it out and I think this is a good, fresh start for us."

DePaul head coach Doug Bruno

Opening Statement
"Marquette beat us today in a game that really typifies us. We come out and control the first 30 percent of the game, and then we get into an offensive movement funk that has been a challenge for us recently. Once that happens, we really have to smash and claw and basically that is really the issue here. We controlled the first seven rebounds and were beating them, but we were only up 22-19 at halftime. We got beat pretty good on the board in the second. We've got very talented offensive players who do not know how to scratch the defense when it comes to getting baskets. Until we figure that out we are going to struggle. I tried to run stuff that plays to the strengths of these players and get the ball to certain places and that's not going from our drawing board on to the floor.

We just have to go forward with much more simple basketball. Obviously when ever you play Marquette- DePaul and Marquette is a great rivalry. Marquette does a great job and they are always a very well coached team. They have one of the best players in the league in Krystal Ellis. Even though this might not have been on of her signature games, she still requires so much attention that she is a special player. Angel (Robinson) is also special and she is going to be so much more special as she gets older. The other guys did what they do."




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