Game Quotes

Feb. 17, 2007

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Head Coach Terri Mitchell
"I was extremely pleased as to how our team started the basketball game, on both ends of the court. We knew it would be a great game. Louisville has as much fire-power as we do. We were very fortunate at the end to come out on top."

"There wasn't a player who played for me today who didn't do something positive and something to help us win. It was a total team victory."

"There are no easy games, no off nights, in the BIG EAST. In a way we control our own destiny, but know that no team is going to roll over for us."

Christina Quaye
On stepping up and making some outside shots...
"Anyone on our team has the ability to come out and put up shots."

Krystal Ellis
"They were running around a lot and we had many hustle plays, diving on the floor and getting every hustle play possible."

Head Coach Tom Collen
"That was a good game for the fans. I thought Marquette played really hard-nosed. It was a really good game for the both of us. I give Marquette credit for stepping up and playing the way they did."

"For us it now becomes a battle to go out and win the next three games and try and get a bye in the first round of the BIG EAST Tournament."

"Every team I have ever coached in the last nine years has led the league with the fewest number of assists. The one thing we are not doing is taking care of the ball; we are turning the ball over 20-plus times a game. It was their defense that forced that action so I give them credit for that."




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