Postgame Quotes

March 5, 2010


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Head Coach Terri Mitchell

Opening Statement:
"Conference tournaments are all about survival and truly, we survived against Villanova tonight. They are a terrific three-point shooting team. They were not hitting their shots to start but then when we started giving up offensive rebounds they started to hit three pointers. They forced our team to play a lot of defense because they are so patient and are good at stepping out for open shots. At the end of the game I was confident to put the ball in Angel Robinson's hands even though she was not having a terrific night. She went as hard to the basket as I have seen her do. I consider her basket a game-winning shot because you do not want to only be up two and put the ball back in the hands of a great three-point shooting team like Villanova. We are excited about this win. I get to coach again and the team gets to play again. We are excited about our opportunity tomorrow."

Could you discuss the difficulty of facing an offense like Villanova's where almost every shot is a three-point attempt or a drive to the basket?
"It really is all or nothing when we play Villanova. I have learned a lot from coaching against Harry Perretta. He is a great coach and is patient offensively. I told our players that if you just listen to him you will know exactly what to do. He is telling them what to do and they are so disciplined that they listen. I think when we played them earlier we got into an offensive rhythm so even when they scored it did not matter because we took a pretty healthy lead. Unfortunately, we could not continue to build that lead. We started missing a lot of easy shots and I saw our players getting tighter offensively. When that happened, Villanova made us pay for it."




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