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Nov. 17, 2007

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Krystal Ellis on playing No. 25 Wisconsin
It was really exciting. We knew they were ranked No. 25 coming into the game. We knew we had to execute our plays. In every big game, everyone wants to play great. I just told my teammates to make sure you slow down and don't force a shot. I think we played more defense than offense the entire week of practice. It was nice to know that our practice contributed to our defense on the court.

Krystal Ellis on her 31-point performance
My teammates were really setting good screens. That was one of the things we emphasized before the game, making sure we executed the plays. My teammates were getting me open. Anybody on our team can shoot the ball at any time, but this game I felt like I was on. We were setting up plays to get me open.

Krystal Ellis on the second half
[Coach Mitchell] told us to keep up our defensive intensity. We knew we were missing our shots in the second half. When the ball wasn't going in, she told us to keep attacking the basket and make sure we keep our hands active on defense. They are physical team, and we were physical right back with him.

Terri Mitchell's opening comments
It's very early in the season but obviously to play an experienced team like Wisconsin and come out with victory, I think is a good sign about where this team is going with the challenges we have ahead of us. With a young team, I didn't know if they understood when you play a ranked, experienced team what it takes. I think our upperclassmen did a great job of teaching them what it takes to focus, especially playing in an arena that's not our own. We were fortunate to end with a victory.

Terri Mitchell on Krystal Ellis
Krystal Ellis did an incredible job of leading. She was ready. Krystal understands that, of everyone on the team, she has the most game experience. Not that we need her to score 31 points, but we'll sure take it when she does.

Terri Mitchell on the second half
We got into a half court game, and they were going to win that battle. They are so much bigger, and they are physical. I told them to pick up the tempo. We didn't shoot great in the second half, but only had one turnover so we could just keep running and pushing it.

Terri Mitchell on playing at the Bradley Center
I felt the fans that were there saw some awesome basketball. It was fun. The environment was great for all the fans that were there. We love the [Al McGuire Center] -- it's our home. But we're comfortable here, and our players loved this.

Terri Mitchell on looking ahead
We just want to go play another game and get better. We are on the west coast for six days. That's going to be tough road swing for us. It's my job to get our team ready and to take it one game at a time. We have 13 games to get ready for the BIG EAST. I felt like we've prepared ourselves with an excellent schedule, and we are going to be matured and seasoned. Our freshmen will no longer be freshmen.

Lisa Stone opening comments
We played a better second half in terms of our defensive adjustments and stopping them in transition. This game was one in which I felt our team was prepared. Unfortunately for us, our impatience turned into hurried shots and hurried passes, and therefore turnovers.

Lisa Stone on Krystal Ellis
She's a great player. She's All-BIG EAST for a reason. The fact that she got hot right away from three-point range in the first half was frightening for us, to be honest. She's a good leader with great poise. Krystal made some things happen. She was patient and let the offense come to her. She ran off screens well and they found her. They did a nice job of getting her the basketball.

Lisa Stone on Wisconsin's turnovers
"Our turnovers turned into opportunities for Marquette. I give a lot of credit to Marquette. They stuck to their game plan, which was clearly geared at stopping Jolene [Anderson], and we needed some other players to step up. Our turnovers gave them easy opportunities. It was the whole Marquette team that caused us to turn the ball over which led to easy baskets for Marquette. They have quick hands. We're better than 29 turnovers. I know we are."

Jolene Anderson on Krystal Ellis and Marquette
"Krystal Ellis is a great player. I knew what she could do. Marquette is a great basketball team. They are well-coached, well-disciplined, and they have great, athletic players. They created tough matchups and executed well. We held our ground as well as we could."

Rae Lin D'Alie on Marquette
"It seemed like every time we'd catch up we'd just hit a wall and couldn't get over that wall. They showed great poise, and in the second half took care of ball very well. I'm just impressed with their freshmen. Everyone on their team looked poised, confident and patient. We didn't play as ourselves. We didn't really execute well."




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