Post Game Quotes

Dec. 21, 2006

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Head Coach Terri Mitchell
"This time of year focus is a very important thing. We had three excellent practices this week. After Sunday against Gonzaga, we addressed what we needed to. We wanted to focus on intensity, deflections, getting everyone involved and focus on zone offense."

"We wanted to focus on fundamentals of ball pressure, inside to outside looks, distributing the ball and getting everyone involved. The biggest thing we took away was that Kelly Lam stepped up huge when we needed her to."

Senior Danielle Kamm
"I have been shooting well in practice. I missed my first one and told myself not to stop shooting. As soon as I hit my second one, I had open looks and continued to shoot. I like to focus on little things like defense, deflections and when I am guarding guards that are smaller than me, I can get deflections and get rebounds with my long reach. I try to not pressure myself on the offensive end."

Sophomore Kelly Lam
"My thought going into this game was making up for the not having Jasmine tonight. My focus was fronting the post and getting deflections."




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