Terri Mitchell Checks in From Mozambique

A pair of shoes that women's basketball donated to Soles for Jesus

May 7, 2013

- Greetings from Mozambique!

Our group arrived on Friday, May 3 after a long 24 hours of traveling. We used Friday as our recovery day and to get ourselves ready for the adventure ahead.

Saturday we went to our first village (Inchope Estacao), which was three hours away. As the vans pulled up, the children chased us down! The shoes were distributed in the village church. When I mention church, don't think church like we do in the United States, think small building with no seating and no lights. The sun shined through the few openings where we would have windows. Our group first greeted the people and introduced ourselves. We communicate by speaking English and then we get translated into Portuguese and whatever the language of the village is. After intros, the people left the church and lined up to wait for hours to get a pair of shoes. The local pastors and leaders of the village decide who gets them. Each person who came in had their feet washed as we are modeling to them how Jesus washed the feet of His disciples and to show honor to the people in the village. We then measured their feet and another team member picks out a pair to give. We do this until we run out and take about 800 pairs to each village. The saddest thing is to run out and see all the people who are still waiting for some shoes- the need is so very great! But, we are trying to do make a small difference and show them the love of Jesus. The language barrier is great, but a smile and hug go a long way!

Sunday we visited four churches in the villages. They were very small churches where no one comes to see them and the people were beyond excited at each place! We danced and danced and danced at each and every service. The last church waited long into the afternoon for us to arrive and they were so happy that they made us a meal!

Monday we went to the village of Rua Domingo (2.5 hours away) and today we went to Matuchira (2 hours away). The routine is the same but each village has its own flavor and memories.



The kids LOVE having their picture taken and then they want to look at it and then laugh and laugh once they see it. I also have taught them the Hokey Pokey...had to find something to do with them so I would demonstrate what to do and they would do it!

I'm looking forward to what the next day brings and will check in later Marquette fans!

-Coach Terri


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