Terri Mitchell Continues Her Journey in Mozambique

Head coach Terri Mitchell practicing her balancing skills

May 10, 2013

- Hello Marquette Fans! Checking in from Mozambique!

Our journey continues... Wednesday we went to the village of Nfaufa. This was the last village we would visit. We started our journey on the main road for about an hour and we turned onto the most remote road ever- our driver went very slow navigating all the bumps and ditches along the way. This took another hour -plus and the further we drove, the higher the grass became until our van was practically engulfed. We were deep, deep, DEEP in the bush. It is amazing to me that people even lived where we went. When our van pulled up, the people greeted us with dancing and singing. Part of the reason for singing is to signal to the others who were not there yet, to come to the church. This "church" was made of clay and very small. It was the biggest of the churches in their village and the place we spent our day.

There was a 12-year old boy, Mathias, who stole my heart. He greeted us upon our arrival with a firm hand shake and smile from ear to ear. We prayed with a man with a very infected finger and there was Mathias, eyes closed and earnestly praying along in his language. I watched him among the children and adults; there was something special about him, a leader for sure! He left a lasting impression!

Once again, at the end of the day, the women of the village prepared us a meal. I am blown away that people with NOTHING sacrifice food for us to show their appreciation. Thankfulness has always been a principle of the program, but they take that concept to new heights. We were all whipped by the end of the day, physically and emotionally. I think I fell asleep with my shoes on!

Thursday, we started our day at the Rise and Shine children's center. This was for 3-5 year olds, the neediest of the needy and the most neglected children. Their center was a simple structure outside, no bigger than 20-feet long and 10-feet wide. They have volunteers that teach the children and when funds are available, feed them breakfast and lunch. I did my best to hug as many kids as I could! After the center, we headed to the Indian Ocean for some R&R. Again, it was a long journey to get there. Dirt and bumpy roads are a way of life, but wow, when we did get to the ocean there was unbelievable beauty. No one was on the beach, but our team and I played in the waves, which were endless. It was good to decompress!



Today we start our journey home. I have lots to process. I know I received far more than I gave. This trip has made me better person and in turn will make me a better coach. I look forward to sharing pictures with my team and staff and telling them the things I learned. Thank you for following along!

See you back in Milwaukee! -Coach Terri


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