Terri Mitchell Final Thoughts from Mozambique

Terri Mitchell

May 24, 2013

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Upon Reflection...How our 5 Principles relate to my trip to Mozambique

1.  Believe:  Belief is the first step in setting something into motion.  When a player believes in MU, they begin their journey of doing something special. Same with life...when your heart is tugged to do something, start moving in that direction.  Mozambique gave me an opportunity  to experience a beautiful group of people and share my life with them for a brief moment in time.

2. Commit:  Puts belief into action. When players come to MU, they will be challenged to take that belief of being excellent on the court, classroom and life and committing to do the work it takes.  Having your heart tugged to do something doesn't mean it will be easy...their were challenges we faced as a team but we kept moving forward keeping our eyes set on the purpose of blessing the people with gifts of shoes and food...and lots of smiles and hugs too!

3. Mature: Time to grow. I tell our players that the next 4 years of their life will be a wonderful time to grow.  I also tell them to step out of their regular routine and experience life from a different perspective. Traveling 30 hours to Africa and sleeping under a mosquito net and being in a van on bumpy roads for hours is totally different, and all so worth it.  Life has so much to offer and I want to make sure I fill it with many experiences.

4. Respect:  It is a way of life, respect all people!   We ask our players to respect those around them, to embrace the different backgrounds of one another and know that each person you meet is an opportunity to learn.  My going to Mozambique  is not special, it is understanding at a deeper level the respect of all life regardless of where someone lives and the resources they have.

5. Thankfulness:  We want our players to never take for granted the things they are given and the opportunity they have...being thankful each day gives perspective on life.  I left Africa incredibly thankful  knowing I received far more than I ever gave.  I am thankful at a greater level for all the blessings in my life and want to continue to share what has been given to me.

The trip was great and I am energized and excited for an incredible summer ahead.  I look forward to being with my team again and getting ready for a terrific season...Life is Good!!

-Coach Terri




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