Thanksgiving Road Trip with Women's Basketball

We got to fly over some incredible scenery!

Nov. 28, 2013

Wednesday, Nov. 27- Travel Day

Anticipation was high as we finished up practice and got ready to head to the airport. All that stood between us and an awesome Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas, now was a four-hour plane ride across the country.  Even that somehow seemed exciting as most of had never been on a plane that long or gone that far west. It’s always fun to travel as a big group together because we all wear matching travel suits. The looks and questions we get as we walk together through the airport are priceless!

As we lined up to board our plane the woman checking everyone in even made an announcement on the PA about our trip to wish us good luck. We clapped and cheered and high fived each other, our excitement continuing to grow as we finally boarded the plane and found our seats.

The four-hour plane trip didn’t end up being too bad, we all sat together and actually had a lot of fun. We flew over some beautiful mountains. Once we finally landed and got to our hotel it was time to get all dressed up and head out for some fun!

For all the excitement and anticipation, finally being in Las Vegas definitely held up to all our expectations. Everything lights up (even the McDonalds!) and the buildings are the biggest most elaborate things I’ve ever seen!

For dinner we headed to the Mandalay Bay buffet and then after we got to attend the Michael Jackson One Cirque Du Soleil Show! It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen, the performers and the costumes were amazing and the music of course was great! There were dancers and acrobats and even these guys who juggled their hats and jumped on trampolines. It completely blew me away watching the performers and of course it was fun to sing along with all the Michael Jackson songs.

The whole team had a blast and by the end of the night though we were exhausted, we were extremely thankful for the once in a lifetime opportunity we had just experienced and blessed to be sharing it as a team!



 -Lauren Tibbs


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