Catching Up with Team Italy's Cate Soccodato

Aug. 1, 2017

MILWAUKEE – Rising junior Cate Soccodato is fresh off a superb showing at the 2017 FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup in England where she posted 12 goals and five assists to help Team Italy to a surprising 11th-place finish. We caught up with Cate and asked her about her experience on the world stage…

How has your summer been? Have you done anything fun?

CS: My summer has been great so far! Prior to the World Cup, I was taking summer classes, giving lacrosse lessons to local kids, and working out every day. 

What was it like not only competing against the best lacrosse players in the world, but holding your own as the third-leading scorer on Team Italy?

CS: It was such a privilege to play against these amazing players. They were so tough, disciplined and passionate. I can honestly say they have made me a better player in a two short weeks. I also give a lot of credit to my teammates, who helped me succeed in every game. 

What’s it like competing at the international level? How does it compare to the collegiate game?

CS: The international and collegiate levels of play are extremely similar. You know that each game is going to be a battle because each team is stacked with great talent.

Do you have any good stories (on or off the field) that might give us insight to how much fun it was to play in the tournament?

CS: In our last game of the World Cup, we upset a team that was considered a rising power, and the victory placed us eleventh in the world, higher than anyone ever anticipated. After the game, we all started chanting "We are number eleven!  We are number eleven!", which may seem strange, but it made us so proud. 

Is there a language barrier? How have you adjusted and how much Italian have you picked up… What’s your favorite Italian phrase?



CS: There was no language barrier because everyone on the team spoke English fluently which made it a lot easier to communicate on the field. I definitely learned some more Italian. My favorite phrase is what we cheer after someone does a great play - "c'e l'abbiamo solo noi!  This means "we are the only ones who have you!"  

With the tournament taking place in England, were you able to do any sightseeing? What was your favorite local food item?

CS: Yes, I stayed one night in Windsor so we visited the Windsor Castle. I couldn't believe how big it was. And on the last day, we went to London, which was amazing. I saw Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Buckingham Palace. My favorite food was the burgers there…so yummy.

What do you take away from your experience on the world stage?

CS: This trip, I tried to really take in the entire experience. During the European Championship in 2015, I was two years younger, hadn’t even started college yet, so everything seemed scary and overwhelming at times. But now, with two years of college under my belt, and realizing this may be my last time playing internationally, I wanted to soak every moment up and play each game to the fullest. 

Entering your junior season at Marquette, is there anything you can pass along from your international experience to your teammates here on campus?

CS: I would say to my teammates to be very thankful for the opportunities we are given as female athletes, because women in other countries don’t always enjoy the same opportunities we do. We are so lucky to be a part of something that a lot of women around the world aspire to have.

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