Marquette Women Sharp in Preseason Contests

The Golden Eagles return to the field on Friday Oct. 11 at Notre Dame.

Oct. 2, 2014

MILWAUKEE - The Marquette University women’s lacrosse team began their preseason schedule this past weekend at Big Ten opponents Ohio State and Michigan and head coach Meredith Black was encouraged by the play that she saw.

“The game against the Buckeyes was definitely a good game for us because we realized we can play with them,” Black said. “Against Michigan, we started slow, so that’s an area we need to work on, but it was a very competitive game.”

Black was impressed by the play of the freshmen and mentioned Riley Hill, Allison Lane, and Alex Gambacorta as three freshmen who stuck out.

“Over the weekend, I think the freshmen played really well as a whole,” Black said. “They definitely made freshman mistakes, but they weren’t intimidated by the college scene.”

Another area of encouragement from Black was the leadership role that the upperclassmen on the team are beginning to take. As 20 of the 38 student-athletes on the roster are entering their third year with the program, the Golden Eagles have become a team filled with experience.

“Our upperclassmen are in a leadership role now and I think that they are beginning to understand that,” Black said. “Once they grasp it fully, there’s going to be a night and day difference.”

While there were a lot of encouraging things to take away from this weekend’s games, there are also some areas that the Golden Eagles need to correct before they enter the regular season. The main area of concern for Black was the fact that Marquette started both games slowly.

According to Black, the Golden Eagles are going to work on getting off to better starts, and she believes the team’s slow starts are a reflection of the team on the practice field.

“We have been getting off to a slow start in a lot of our practices and they don’t get going until we force them to so that is an area that needs to be adjusted,” Black said.

Marquette will look to continue their growth as they look ahead to upcoming road contests against Notre Dame on Saturday, Oct. 11, and Colorado and Northwestern at Loyola Academy in Chicago on Sunday, Oct. 12.





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