Morgan Proffitt: Nordic Cup Update 2

June 6, 2016

This blog update comes from Marquette senior women's soccer player Morgan Proffitt, who is currently competing with the United States Under-23 Women's National Team in England.

Hello hello! One full day left in the UK, which is not only crazy, but super exciting since that day is championship day! It’s USA vs. England tomorrow for the Nordic Cup title. It’ll be a great matchup and I am so excited for it. Time has truly flown by. I blame it on all the great soccer, and entertaining teammates.

Last Friday we played Norway. I got the opportunity to start and play the entire game! Thanks to the tracker-jackers (Catapult GPS), I found out I ran nearly eight miles which seems about right. I thought I had a solid game, but was exhausted near the end of the game, trying to keep our lead. We won 2-1! Norway was a very physical team with a unique style of play. I had never seen a team organize their attack the way they did.

That is the cool thing about playing in these international games. You get to see a whole new approach to playing the game. Yes, college teams have different formations and styles of play, but the things I am seeing and learning here are so unlike anything I have seen before. For example, on set plays, Norway would pinch your sides to catch you off guard. They also would pull out a center midfielder all the way out wide to overload one side of the field in their attack. Super different, but effective.

My parents got to see the game! They should win an award for being the most supportive parents. They left my brother’s golf sectionals at hole 14, had other family members come watch the rest of his match, drove to the airport, flew in the day of the game, and walked in right as the national anthem was playing to watch me. My brother actually went on to win sectionals individually and his high school won as well! I have not been able to see them since the game due to our tight schedule and distant hotels, but they are having a great time seeing all of what England has to offer!



Speaking of supportiveness, I have gotten so many texts, tweets, messages, etc. about this trip! Teammates, friends, family, coaches, and trainers have all reached out in different ways that mean the world to me. It is one of the things that drive my motivation for success. I want to make everyone at home proud, and definitely represent my team, university and country very well.

Yesterday we finally got to get out of the hotel to sightsee. Only 15 minutes from our hotel is the Iron Bridge. The bridge stands 100 feet wide, is about 235 years old and was the first arch bridge made of iron. The town surrounding the bridge was small and quaint, but gave us an opportunity to buy good coffee, cake, and ice cream. Let’s just say the tart for dessert every night hasn’t been cutting it.

Hopefully tomorrow we can get that W and come home champions! I will value my time here forever; I have grown so much as a soccer player here, but excited to keep it going! As the footballers here say it, cheers!

-Morgan Proffitt


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