On the Road with Marquette Women's Soccer

Lisa Roman and her roomate on the trip, Amanda Engel

OMAHA, Neb.--Follow the Marquette women's soccer team on a five-day road trip as they open BIG EAST Conference play at Creighton and Villanova.

Sunday, Sept. 29- Game Day at Villanova

You probably already guessed, but today started with another usual 9 AM spanish wakeup call from Frank followed by our morning jog, except today was a lot more exciting because it was game day and another chance to get three points on the road! We jogged, ate breakfast, and got some free time to take a little nap and start getting ready for the game- or for Amanda and me, some time to straighten our hair. Everyone knows: look good, feel good, play good! Around 11:20 AM we loaded the bus and drove to the field that was about 20 minutes away. We got there pretty early, so we had a little jam session in the tent, which was our locker room for the day.

The clock turned 1 p.m. and it was GAME TIME! We started the game really strong and got a goal in the first half to take a lead. We dominated possession and had a good amount of chances on goal. Second half started to become a little aggressive, but we stayed composed and managed the game. Amanda came out with an amazing save on the penalty kick and allowed us to finish the weekend with six points on the road!  

After the game, we showered and hit the road for the airport. We had a lot of spare time since our flight was not until 8 p.m. so many of us decided to sit down for dinner and try a Philly cheesesteak while we were in Philly! After eating, people started doing homework because it is always hard to miss classes. My fellow classmate Stemmy (Ashley Stemmeler) and I practiced our tap dance moves at the airport and provided entertainment and snapchat video potential for the team! Then we flew to Chicago and finally got home around 11 p.m.! It was a really demanding weekend for us but I am glad we were able to come back with two wins!

-Vanessa Legault-Cordisco (Senior Midfielder)


Saturday, Sept. 28- Day off in Philadelphia

Groggy and eyes still shut, I started the day in my beautiful hometown of Philadelphia with a typical phone call in Español. Frank is singing ‘buenos días’ telling my roommate Amanda Engel and me to wake up and get downstairs. We quickly found out today was a ‘rest day’ when our morning jog turned into a brisk walk to the breakfast line!

After breakfast we piled on the bus to go practice at Villanova. We were able to scope out the field and get some touches on the ball. After practice we headed back to the hotel for some R&R - to female student athletes that means sleeping, homework, and of course shopping!

With our hotel being only a few hundred feet from the second largest mall in America, we were able to walk over to the King of Prussia Mall for some lunch followed by a shopping spree. With our wallets a little lighter, we went back to the hotel. For the rest of the day we settled into our hotel beds and cracked open the books - it was time to be students again, not just athletes.

Luckily for me, I live only 20 minutes from the hotel so I was able to spend the afternoon studying at home.  Being so far away at school in Milwaukee, these few hours spent with my parents and sisters were priceless. 

After clocking in hours in front of the books, we got together as a team again for dinner where the coaches had Maggiano’s catered in for us.  Stomachs full of delicious pasta and salad, we watched film and continued the preparation for tomorrow’s game against Villanova because we’re about to get another 3 points!!

That’s it for now! Amanda is anxiously waiting for me to finish up this blog so we can have some PT (pillow talk) and get to bed...what great day to be a Golden Eagle!

- Lisa Roman (Freshman Defense)


Friday, Sept. 27- Travel Day

(6:00 AM) Ring Ring Ring! "Buenos Dias!" - the words of Frank to make it to the bus for our first of two flights on the road to Philadelphia.

Today was a day filled with traveling, sleeping, eating, and repeating for Marquette women's soccer. We left Omaha (feeling good with three points under our belt) and headed back to Chicago before connecting to Philadelphia. We encountered many questioning travelers about Marquette and were happy to explain our stories. (Besides the fact that most people think Marquette is in Michigan!) The plane rides consisted of sleeping, studying, candy crushing (a game most of the girls play), or unfortunately, in my case, test taking. All in all, it was a safe flight and all of our bags made it. Upon arrival, we found ourselves hungry for some Philly cheese steaks in Lisa Roman's hometown. We ended up at Primo Hoagies before making our way to the hotel.

Once at the hotel, we were happy to know we would be doing a POOL WORKOUT to get our legs moving. (Yes, we did do aerobics thanks to Katie Hishmeh!) The other hotel guests were impressed to say the least, especially while jammin' out to country. We concluded with some team relay races with the ball in which the torpedos were the champs. We beat the Whales fair and square, even though they probably won't agree.

After some quick showers, we made our way across town to the lovely house of the Romans' house for our team dinner! The house was nestled in the Pennsylvania woods and was a perfect setting for a needed home cooked meal amongst Lisa's family and friends. We had multiple kinds of smoked pulled pork (Mr. Roman's master recipe), cornbread and various sides with some yummy desserts. Feeling stuffed and happy, we ended with the road back to the hotel for some pillow talk and a good night’s rest in preparation for the game Sunday at Villanova. According to Dr. Smith, two nights before is when rest is best!

That’s it for now. Shout out to my roommate Mary Luba making us the engi-nerd room where all the studying occurs...  Cheers from Pennsylvania!

-Sofie Schunk (Junior Goalkeeper)


Thursday, Sept. 26- Game Day at Creighton

What a day it has been today in good ole' Omaha, Nebraska! It all started with a phone call from Frank in Spanish waking us up for our usual morning jog. After we jogged we got a great breakfast at the hotel and were free till 2:00 P.M. for our team meeting to go over film.

During free time my roommate, Taylor Madigan, and I did homework and watched TV. While traveling it's very important for our team to keep up with our homework because we are missing a lot of classes. For pre-game meal we went to Jason's Deli, which is a personal favorite of mine! When we got back to the hotel Taylor and I got ready for our game by listening to some pump up music to get us in game mode. 

In no time we were already in the locker room gearing up for the game! I had so many emotions going into this game and had been looking forward to it all season. Of course I was excited, but it was surreal to be in my hometown, playing with my college team, on the field I have played on several times, against a team I grew up watching, in front of my family and friends. It was an unbelievable feeling to win our first Big East game in my hometown for all my family and friends to see! I am so proud of my team and can't wait to see how the rest of our season unfolds!

-Liz Bartels (Freshman Midfielder)

Wednesday, Sept. 25- Travel Day

Today was an action packed-day as we headed to Omaha to prepare for our opening BIG EAST Conference game against Creighton. We left Milwaukee this morning around 7:30 and drove to Midway airport in Chicago for our departure. We checked in our luggage, grabbed some Potbelly's for lunch, and boarded the plane. During the flight some girls did homework, listened to music, or took a nap (that's me). Before we knew it we had landed in Omaha!

Once we landed we had to retrieve all of our luggage. For some reason, my duffel bag as well as Vanessa's did not make it aboard our flight so we were left without our cleats, shin guards, and other gear. Needless to say we will never be checking our bags again...

After that minor bump in the road we headed over to Creighton's field for a light practice. Their stadium is beautiful and we are all very excited to play on their turf under the lights tomorrow night. Luckily, Vanessa fit into Ashley Bares' cleats and (embarrassingly enough) I squeezed into Frank's so we wouldn't have to wear our running shoes during practice.

When practice was over we headed over to a smoothie place for a post-practice snack. The poor guy working there was all by himself but did a great job cranking out about 30 smoothies! Luckily the missing bags were delivered to hotel, and we were able to get them once we arrived. Some girls took ice baths, which is a day before a game ritual. We then headed to a dinner with Liz Bartels'family and friends for a lovely pasta dinner with lots of other yummy food. We enjoyed hanging out in their beautiful backyard!

After a great evening of food and fun we were back at the hotel hanging out and catching up on homework. It can be tough missing three days of class but our team is rather studious so we get the job done. Now it's time to rest up and get ready for our big game tomorrow!

-Ann Marie Lynch (Sophomore Midfielder)




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