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March 7, 2009


It’s Elly again. Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve written. Lots have happened since then! Let’s see during that time we got ranked (for the first time since 2002!), took at trip to Connecticut and Rutgers where we played on courts that black cats lived on (kinda funny/extremely weird), survived the first half of the semester and mid-terms, and practice hard and played some good matches.



We are on our spring break trip, spending the week in Bessemer, Alabama. Where is that you may ask? It’s in between Samford University and University of Alabama, close to Birmingham, Alabama. After our three hour practice today we went to at Jason’s Deli, a team-favorite place to eat, and then went shopping. After grabbing a quick dinner we’re back in our hotel rooms ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day of practice and then Monday we’ll play Samford University. Talk to you later!


March 10, 2009

Hi everyone! Today is Tuesday, already our fourth day of the trip and so far it is going very well. We had great first match outside yesterday and beat Samford University, 5-2. 

Playing with only five players, Samford had to default the number three doubles match as well as the number six singles match, so after claiming the doubles point with a win at number one from Robin and Paola, we were able to move onto the singles with a 2-0 lead. I won at number five and Rachael won at number four to clinch the match and go up 4-0. Quickly after Robin won in a hard fought three-setter to take the match to 5-0. Paola and Olga both battled hard in their matches and won their first sets but were unable to close out the match and ended up losing in a third set match tie-breaker.

 The weather was ideal for tennis and therefore also perfect for getting tan—or in some people’s case getting a sunburn…..Rachael (but don’t worry Mrs. Hush, she put on lots of sunscreen!).  But don’t worry all of you parents, we are putting on sunscreen and no one is blistering…yet. 



After the match we had a delicious meal at P.F. Chang’s and then headed back to the hotel to catch all of the various new episodes on T.V. 

Today has been relaxing—a quick practice on Alabama’s courts and then off to a mall to get some more shopping in. Luckily it was an outdoor mall so those who didn’t want to shop were able to walk around or lay out and get some sun. After dinner at Macaroni Grill we headed back to the good ol’ town of Bessemer. 

March 12, 2009

The match against Alabama yesterday was a tough one. Although losing 7-0 does not sound good, I think that everyone fought hard and there were some close matches. Rachael and Gillian had another great win at three doubles, and Robin and Olga almost closed their doubles match out, but came up short, 9-7. In singles Paola had a great match at number one taking her opponent to a third set tie-breaker, and Robin battled hard also, losing in a tie-breaker in the second set. I think everyone learned a lot and realized what the difference is between our level and the level above us. 

More later!


March 15, 2009

After a long, but fun week in the south, we are home. It’s great to be back especially after being at the airport for a good eight hours waiting for the plan to take off. Tomorrow we’re back to real life with school and practice. This weekend we have a big match against Western Michigan-we haven’t beaten them in the past six or seven years, and last year we lost 4-3, so it should be a battle!

Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoyed it.




Hi Everyone!

My name is Elly and I am a member of the Marquette Women's Tennis Team. I'm sitting here in our hotel in Ann Arbor. This is our first trip of the season and we're all excited to play Michigan tomorrow. There are nine of us on the team and two coaches: Robin, our only senior, juniors Kylie, Maggie, and I, sophomores Rachael and Christina, freshmen Olga, Paola, and Gillian, head coach Jody Bronson and assistant coach Heather Nobler. Olga is the newest member of the team, she came in January from Germany.

Traveling with the team is fun but definitely can be stressful at times with nine girls and two coaches trying to stay organized and somewhat together. Besides Jody leaving her wallet in the van at the airport, today went smoothly; luckily, Jody had plenty of time to go back to get her wallet and still make the flight. There is always some funny/stupid things said on trips which is why we have an award called the "Shoe" award. It started way back when there was some dirty shoe found and taken on a trip and ever since then, when you say or do something dumb you get a "shoe." At the end of the year, the person with the most "shoes" gets the "shoe award." I wouldn't say it's an award to be proud of, but I have to admit, I have gotten it the last two years, although last year Rachael was a close second. This year its hard to tell who will get the award yet because its still the beginning of the season, but we have had a couple of "shoes" given out. For instance Rachael once asked if chickens mated in order to produce their eggs. Umm, how else would they lay eggs, Rach? Haha just kidding it's ok. Gillian has had a couple of "shoes" too--Rachael and Gillian are sisters....maybe it runs in the family?

Anyway, I should get some sleep before the match against University of Michigan, the number 19 ranked team in the country. It will be a tough match but I feel like we are all ready. We were talking earlier tonight as a team and we're all ready for a big year. Its the year we really believe we can start taking down some of these nationally ranked teams. We're excited!

More tomorrow!



Hi again!

The match against Michigan was a good one, but unfortunately we lost 7-0. Doubles was very exciting; Kylie and Paola lost at #1, but Christina and Robin played extremely well and won at #2, putting the doubles score at 1-1. Rachael and Gillian played #3 and almost pulled out a win, but ended up going down 8-4. The energy and fight showed by everyone was great to see and despite losing the doubles point, it was a good way to start the match.

Singles was pretty good too. Overall I think that we realized how close we are to getting to the next level and what it will take to get there. The rest of the day was spent hitting in the morning, grabbing lunch at Panera and then having some down time before warming up for the match. We had a delicious dinner at Macaroni Grill with Christina's family and now we're back in the hotel getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we'll be out of here by 8 a.m. to catch a flight to Indianapolis, where we play on Sunday.

Talk to you later!




After a long day of traveling we are all settled in our hotel in Bloomington, Indiana. The day started early with a flight back to Chicago, where we had a wonderful three hour layover. Our intentions were to get a lot of homework done but of course when we are all together sometimes there is more laughing and talking that there are study times. J We eventually took off and flew to Indianapolis, and we even managed to get most of our homework done! Once we got here we had our usual Gatorade and power bar shopping spree and then headed to the courts for a light hit. We are all psyched for this match and now that we've played on the courts once, we know what to expect for tomorrow. The courts are faster and there is less space behind the court so they will definitely give us a challenge, but we're up for it.

After hitting we went to Macalister's for dinner and then headed to the hotel. Right now we're watching the Australian Open for some last minute motivation and then we're off to bed.

I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow--wish us good luck!



Hi Everyone!

Today was another hard fought and well played match, but we did end up losing 7-0. The matches were very close though and we improved upon how we played against Michigan. Despite the bad sounding 7-0 loss, I was impressed with how much of a fight and challenge we gave the #30 ranked team in the country.

The match started with three thrilling doubles matches that could have easily gone either way. In singles action, Robin had a great match and split sets with her opponent at number five, and Kylie put up a tremendous fight at number six. She had knee surgery last year and still is gaining her strength back, but based on how well she is playing now, I cannot wait to see what she's like when she has fully recovered. Rachael and Olga both competed well too, taking each of their opponents into a tie-breaker. Overall I think this weekend has showed us how close we are to getting to the next level.

Even though we lost we still had a great trip and managed to have fun spending hours on end in the airport.....I guess better early than late! Taking pictures, eating Qdoba and popcorn, and finishing up homework helped the four hours in the airport go by fast. The longest part of the day was after our flight; we landed in Midway and therefore had to drive back to Milwaukee but when we stopped at our usual gas fill-up place in Racine the van's battery died! We were so close to getting home and of course something happens to the van to delay us. At this point I think we were all over-tired and therefore very hyper....the waiting time was filled with Gil looking like an alien in pictures, singing to Jody's infamous oldies station, and eating McDonald's. Happily, Heather's husband was near Racine and could come jump-start the van so we could be on our way again.

We are all safely back to Marquette after a long but fun and successful trip. We'll have tomorrow off and then get back to practicing on Tuesday. Our next match up is at home against IUPUI-we've never played them before so it should be fun to have something new! We'll be playing at Marquette for the next three weeks before traveling to Madison to play UW-Wisconsin.

Thanks for reading!



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