Triplesfest Information

Triplesfest 2010

2010 Marquette Volleyball Triplesfest Information

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When: June 26, 2010
Where: Bradford Beach grass area, Milwaukee Lakefront
Time: 9 a.m. - as daylight permits 
Format: Grass triples (Men's and Women's AA, A, BB, B) 
*Pool play and double elimination
Prizes: Guaranteed $1,000 purse
*plus additional prizes for qualifying teams
Cost: $35 per person [maximum of five (5) people per team]
Lunch, snacks and beverages provided for all participants 
Phone: 414-288-6094

Coolers, tents and grills are permitted. Live bands will appear on stage during the afternoon and evening. Tournament will be held in conjunction with AVP sand tournament at Bradford Beach and Summerfest. All proceeds will benefit the Marquette Women's Volleyball Program.


Lakefront Triplesfest 2010 Rules 

  1. Roster maximum of 5 players.
    Players that start a game, must finish that game unless they are injured.
    If a player leaves due to injury, he/she is finished for that match.
  2. All matches/games use Rally Scoring.
  3. Pools of 3 and 4 will play best-of-3 sets to 21 points, switching sides at 11 points.
  4. Pools of 5 or more will play 2 games to 25 points, switching sides at 13 points.
  5. There is no service area. You may serve from anywhere behind the service line. Let serves NOT allowed.
  6. Players may play any position on the court, provided they maintain correct serving order.
  7. There are no center line violations unless there is interference with an opposing player
  8. Open hand tips are not allowed.
  9. Follow warm-up protocol to keep tournament on time.
  10. First ball over (including serves) may be double contacted, provided the ball is not held.
  11. Block is not counted as a team hit.


If two teams are tied for 1st place in a pool, seeding will be determined as follows

A.   Head to head meeting
B.   Head to head point differential
C.   Pool point differential
D.   Coin flip

Ties for 2nd or 3rd place in pool play will be decided by a one game playoff to 21 points, switch at 11 points.

First Round to Quarter Finals - 1 game to 30 (no cap) switch every 15 points.

Semi Finals / Finals - Best 2 of 3 to 25 (no cap) switch every 13 points.

Time Outs: Each team is allowed two 30 second timeouts per game. Time out may be called prior to server receiving ball on either side of court between plays
Footwear: Players may not wear cleats or spikes of any kind. Players may play barefoot.
Tournament Staff: Have final say on all tournament matters, and may modify rules if necessary.


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