Volleyball Freshman Orientation: Autumn Bailey

Freshman Autumn Bailey is one of two foreigners to join the Golden Eagles this fall.

Aug 20, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Freshman outside hitter Autumn Bailey joins the Golden Eagles this fall after an accomplished junior career in Canada, where she competed for Assumption Catholic Secondary School and with the club team Defensa. Bailey led Defensa to a pair of Canadian national championships in 2011 (U-16) and 2013 (U-18) while earning most valuable player honors both years. She also competed with the Canadian Junior National team in 2012 and is competing in fall camp for Lindsey Gosh's vacated starting spot at outside hitter.

Learn more about Bailey's journey to Marquette and what she is looking forward to as a Golden Eagle:

GoMU: Why did you choose Marquette?
AB: The quality of education is excellent and the volleyball team is very strong. I felt at home here!

GoMU: What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?
AB: I tripped over my own feet running for a set and face planted on the ground.

GoMU: What is your proudest volleyball achievement to date?
AB: Winning 18U Canadian Nationals and receiving the MVP award. Also playing for the Canadian Junior National team in 2012.

GoMU: What do you plan on studying at Marquette?/What are your career goals?
AB: I will be studying education. I want to be an elementary school teacher!

GoMU: What are you looking forward to most in college?
AB: I am looking most forward to playing a high level of volleyball and making some new life long friends!!

GoMU: Is there a team you are looking forward to playing the most?
AB: I am looking forward to playing the Florida Gators because one of my good friends is on the team. I am also looking forward to playing Penn State, they are an awesome team!



GoMU: What made you start playing volleyball?
AB: My mom always played volleyball and she was the one who introduced me to it. I first got involved in it when my older sister was going to a volleyball tryout and I asked if I could go too, I happened to make the team and I've played ever since.

GoMU: What is something about you that nobody knows?
AB: Nobody knows that I am double jointed in my shoulders and can pop them out of place.

GoMU: What is your biggest pet peeve?
AB: My biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouths open.

GoMU: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
AB: I would travel to Holland, my grandma is from there and I think it would be beautiful!

GoMU: What are your interests or hobbies other than volleyball?
AB: I played softball my whole life and I love it.

I love going water tubing and for boat rides.  I also like to fish even though I'm bad at it. Oh and I love watching chick flicks! And I looooovveeeee country music.

GoMU: Favorite food(s)?
AB: I love peanut butter chocolate ice cream and brownies. My favorite meal is salmon and steamed broccoli.

GoMU: What was the last book you read?
AB: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.


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