Reseating 2017

This page is designed to provide season ticket holders with information regarding the 2017 Reseating.

Why does Marquette Athletics conduct Reseating?
Reseating gives season ticket holders the opportunity to improve seating based on the amount of priority points accumulated through donations and consecutive years of being a season ticket holder. The priority point system* is intended to promote fairness, reward the loyalty of long-time supporters and encourage current contributors to give to Marquette.

*What is the priority point system?

Reseating is conducted every year so that donors to the Blue & Gold Fund and to other University funds can have the best possible seating options. Many season ticket holders look at the Reseating period as the best opportunity to improve their seat location by increasing their annual donation to the Blue & Gold Fund.

How does the Reseating work?
Season ticket holders register their seating preferences based on priority point rank. All donations, including Matching Gifts, made by April 30, 2017 will be included in priority point calculation for the 2017 Reseating.

All season ticket holders will be given a specific appointment time at which they will be permitted to indicate their seating section and row preferences. Actual seats will be allocated by Marquette Athletics staff in order of priority point preference. Reseating will take place online at or in person at the Al McGuire Center.

If you have any additional questions regarding the reseating process, please contact the Blue & Gold Fund at 414-288-3988 or

Step by Step for 2017 Reseating Process

Each season ticket holder will be able to register their seating preferences for the 2017-18 season through a designated online seat registration process. Below are screenshots of what the registration process will look like. Click each image to see a full size image of that screenshot.

1. Registration Screen
2. Instructions for Seat Preference
3. Select Section Preferences
The main registration screen provides an overview of the online seat preference process.
The next screen will include further instructions on the process for registering your seat preference.
You will then select your preferred section from the section map.
4. Select Row Preferences
5. Review Your Preferences
After selecting a section, you will see how many seats are available in each row, and register your preference for row and number of seats.
The final screen will allow you to review your preferences, as well as add any comments or location preferences within your selection.
How To Make a Gift to the
Blue & Gold Fund
Approximate Priority Point
Rank Breakdown

Individuals or corporations can make Blue & Gold Fund gifts in the following ways:

  1. Online
  2. PDF Pledge Form to mail or fax
  3. Call the Blue & Gold Fund at 414-288-3988

All gifts, including matching gifts, must be received by April 30 to count towards point totals for the 2017 Reseating.

The link below will show you your approximate rank amongst other season ticket holders given your priority point level. Note that your rank is more important than your specific point total.

Rank per point level

(as of 5/9/2017)

The Blue & Gold Fund can give you your rank in the 2016 Reseating and compare it to your current rank in order to give you an idea of what seats might be available to you.

You can contact the Blue & Gold Fund at 414-288-3988 or

Important Dates & Deadlines
  • April 30, 2017- Deadline for all gifts to be received for point credit for 2017 reseating
  • May 15 - Deadline for new season ticket holders to participate in reseating
  • Mid-May - Appointment times mailed
  • May 30, 2017 - $100 ticket deposit due
  • May 31- June 6 - 2017 Reseating
Reseating Dates & Times

Each season ticket holder will receive an individual appointment time in mid-May. Season ticket holders may not register final seat preferences prior to the scheduled appointment time.

Priority Points Per Section
Check Your Priority Point Totals

Season ticket holders should use the below points per section information as a guide in trying to estimate what sections could be available. The information below is based on the median point level of the season ticket holders occupying the particular row, and is accurate as of April 19, 2017.

This does not guarantee the right to provide preferences in any particular section.

Priority Points per Section

Numbers will fluctuate leading up to the April 30, 2017 donation deadline to impact priority point totals. Appointment times for reseating will be assigned in mid-May.

Season ticket holders can log on to their My Marquette Account to view their priority point totals. If you do not have your log-in ID or password, please contact the ticket office at 414-288-4668 or


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