McCahill Award

The Robert L. and William P. McCahill Award is presented annually to the Marquette senior athlete from the previous year who has demonstrated the highest performance in scholarship, leadership and athletics. It is awarded by the William J. McCahill, Sr., family in honor of Marine Captain Robert L. McCahill, a former standout Marquette football player who earned the bronze star and gave his life for his country on Iwo Jima during World War II and his brother, the late Marine Colonel William P McCahill., who starred on the MU track & field team, was a noted historian and author of three books, and served as the Executive Director of the President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped for 27 years.


Year Athlete Sport(s)
1946 William Chandler Men's Basketball
1947 Raymond Kuffel Men's Basketball
1948 Charles Schuette Football
Track & Field
1949 Joseph Gagliardo Football
1950 Allan Molgaard Football
1951 Richard Schmandt Track & Field
1952 Daniel Makowski Football
1953 James Tobias Football
1954 John Bennett Track & Field
1955 Russell Wittberger Men's Basketball
1956 David Donarski Football
1957 Robert Walczak Men's Basketball
1958 Edward Hoyle Track & Field
1959 Charles Mulcahy Men's Tennis
1960 Frank Mestnik Football
1961 Donald Kojis Men's Basketball
1962 Not awarded
1963 Ronald Glaser Men's Basketball
1964 Robert Hornak Men's Basketball
1965 Richard Andrews Wrestling
1966 Thomas Flynn Men's Basketball
Track & Field
1967 Robert Wolf Men's Basketball
1968 Phil Buerk Wrestling
1969 George Thompson Men's Basketball
1970 Rick Cobb Men's Basketball
1971 Dean Meminger Men's Basketball
1972 Charles Besser Golf
1973 Allie McGuire Men's Basketball
1974 David Lugert Men's Soccer
1975 Richard Rock Men's Soccer
1976 Peter Glaeser Track & Field
1977 Michael Jarecki Wrestling
1978 Butch Lee Men's Basketball
1979 Michael Banaham Men's Soccer
1980 Kathy Andrykowski Women's Basketball
1981 John Rydeski Track & Field
1982 Linda Raymonds Women's Tennis
1983 Steve Pribramsky Track & Field
1984 Laurie Hottinger Cross Country
Track & Field
Marc Marotta Men's Basketball
1985 Patrick Sorrentino Men's Soccer
1986 Keith Hanson Cross Country
Track & Field
1987 Jim Schmitz Wrestling
1988 Clare Look-Jaeger Track & Field
Women's Tennis
1989 Peter Bandettini Track & Field
1990 Meg Mulcahy Women's Tennis
1991 Sherri Goll Volleyball
1992 Peppur Chambers Track & Field
1993 Christine Spindler Track & Field
1994 Kristen Maskala Women's Basketball
Jim McIlvaine Men's Basketball
1995 Christine Kennedy Womne's Basketball
Chago Navarro Cross Country
Track & Field
1996 Jane Richards Track & Field
1997 Christy Rice Cross Country
Track & Field
Scott Ziemba Men's Soccer
1998 Martha Meyer Volleyball
1999 Joy Krekelberg Track & Field
2000 Kelly Roethe Women's Soccer
Lisa Oldenburg Women's Basketball
2001 Brian Wardle Men's Basketball
Rhegan Hyypio Women's Soccer
2002 Joe Herington Cross Country
Track & Field
Kristi Johnson Women's Basketball
2003 Kate Gordon Women's Soccer
2004 Susan Barth Women's CC/Track
2005 Brianna Dahm Women's CC/Track
2006 Steve Novak Men's Basketball
Carolyn Kieger Women's Basketball
2007 Jamie Mueller Volleyball
2008 Laura Boyer Women's Soccer
2009 Mike Van Sickle Men's Golf
2010 Katie Miller Women's Soccer
2011 Brice Cleland Men's Cross Country
Track & Field
2012 Natalie Kulla Women's Soccer
2013 Ally Miller Women's Soccer
2014 Elizabeth Koberstein Women's Volleyball
2015 Charlie Lyon Men's Soccer
2016 B.J. Grill Men's Lacrosse
Tatyana Pashibin Track & Field



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